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A Caring Dentist

Dr Yusaf Ali who joined our team in January has been getting many praises over the few months from the patients he has seen.
Here are a few of the comments left by patients after visiting Dr Yusaf Ali;

“Brilliant bedside manner, helpful, informative, very skilled, makes dentistry a pleasure!”

“always very nice and polite and Annette the manager is always very nice and polite and so are the receptionists who are always nice and polite”

Dr Yusaf Ali takes oral health very seriously and his teachings are paying off with patients feeling more confidence with their oral hygiene, informed about the affects of stress on the jaw and teeth and the overall health of their mouth.

He has swore not to stop until every patient he see’s is aware of the correct method of brushing and the importance of flouride and we are glad to have such a dedicated member in the field of dentistry with us.

Bolton will never be the same again.


May 20, 2011 · 11:17 am