This gentleman was not happy with the pronounced crowding of his teeth or
the colour and shape of them. As his teeth were crowded some of them
touched when he bit together more than others and hence they had been
worn down more lading to the uneven appearance. Over a period of 9
months his smile was transformed using fixed white braces, his teeth were
then whitened with the Enlighten whitening method and finally his front
teeth were repaired with direct composite bonding to improve the shape
and symmetry.

Clear Braces Whitening Direct Composite Bonding


This patient was very embarrassed about her teeth. The dark front teeth had
a dead nerve which led to the grey discolouration and the teeth were very
crowded. Dr Vasant straightened the teeth and then whitened them. The
dark front tooth was also individually whitened using an internal whitening
treatment. The gaps in between the teeth were closed using the very
conservative direct bonding technique.

Invisalign Whitening Direct Composite Bonding


This lady was really not happy with her crowded teeth, the yellow colour or
the chipped edges of her front teeth but she did not want visible braces.
Over several months Dr Vasant straightened the teeth using Invisalign and
then he whitened the teeth. He finished of the work by preforming some
direct bonding to the front teeth. All this was achieved without the lady
having to have a single injection or drilling of any teeth.

Clear Braces Whitening Direct Composite Bonding


This patient had very crowded teeth and had worn down the edges and the
front surfaces of her teeth from grinding and using a very hard toothbrush.
We first straightened her teeth using C-Fast braces without needing to
remove any of them. We then whitened her teeth and finished off by
replacing all the lost/worn enamel by carrying our direct bonding to several



This patient did not like the excessive crowding of his teeth. His teeth were
straightened using Invisalign over 12 months and then whitening was carried

Posterior Direct Composite Bonding

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