This man had undergone significant dental treatment many years before. He
had several crowns and a bridge but it did not match and the adjacent
natural tooth and discoloured. Initially tooth whitening was performed along
with gum repositioning to creat symmetry of the gum levels. Following this
crowns, veneers and a new bridge was placed .



This lady was finding it difficult to clean around her crowded lower teeth.
Invisalign braces were used to straighten the teeth and make cleaning much

Clear Braces


This patient was not happy with the alignment of her teeth. She loved to
smile but felt really self conscious about it. Tooth straightening using Cfast
braces was carried out to creat the smile the lady always wanted.

Invisalign Whitening Crown


This lady hated a crown on her upper lateral incisor tooth that was done
when she was a child. In addition she wanted them to be straighter and
whiter. Invisalign was used to straighten the teeth first followed by tooth
whitening . Her old crown was then replaced with an ceramic one to give a
very natural appearance.

Invisalign Whitening Crown


This didn't like the size, colour , symmetry of her teeth and hated the
crowding. Invisalign was used to first straighten the teeth over a year.
Whitening was then carried out and finally porcelain veneers were placed on
her upper front teeth

Direct Composite

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