Dental hygiene in London

Our experienced dental hygienists at Freshdental will help you keep your teeth and gums clean, and take care of your oral health.

Dental Hygiene at FreshDental

Dental hygiene plays a major part in preventing oral diseases, bleeding gums, and bad breath, as well as helping you maintain a healthy smile.

Our dental hygienists have advanced training in the treatment of gum disease and can provide a wide range of services; everything from oral health advice to removing heavy stains.

How our hygienists can help you
  • Check for any oral health issues such as gum disease

  • Treat and prevent bleeding gums and bad breath

  • Remove stains, plaque, and tartar that cause decay

  • Offer advice on teeth cleaning, flossing, and healthy eating

  • Provide support if you want to give up smoking

Jonny elliot

Recommended to all!

I used an NHS dentist and had a bad experience with pain so switched to Freshdental and I've been a happy pain-free customer for 5 years! Just had a fab hygiene appointment with Millie and my teeth now look and feel great, and Stuart & the wider team have done wonders on the more major work I've needed (braces, root canal, tooth out!!). Recommended to all!

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