Early orthodontics in London

Our specialist orthodontist at Freshdental provides early intervention treatment to younger patients from around 6 years old. It’s the ideal time to gently steer the development of young teeth or jaws, helping to avoid future problems and encouraging your child’s smile to mature beautifully.

Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
Plan early for their smile
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Early intervention orthodontics for children at Freshdental

We encourage parents and guardians to bring their children to see us from ages 6 to 8 years. This enables our team to detect any abnormalities with their tooth and jaw development early.

Planning suitable treatment at this stage, before all their baby teeth are lost in adolescence, helps to avoid more complex and lengthy treatments, including the need for tooth extraction.

The goal of early intervention orthodontics is to correct the growth of the jaw and problems such as underbite and crowding. Treatments typically include arch expansion and the use of fixed or removable orthodontic braces.

Why you should choose early orthodontics at Freshdental
  • State-of-the-art dental clinics and facilities

  • Experienced specialist orthodontist with a particular interest in treating children

  • Latest technology and advanced, comfortable techniques

Adam Watkinson

I have been going to Freshdental for years now

I’ve been going to Freshdental for years, they have always been and still are amazing! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth like the team there!

orthodontist dr steffen decker

Meet our specialist orthodontist

With more than 12 years of experience, our lead orthodontic specialist, Dr Steffen Decker, is well-trained in interceptive early treatment in 7-year-olds and upwards, and has completed over 2,700 cases in early orthodontic intervention.

Passionate about invisible treatment options like Invisalign, Dr Steffen’s expertise in these treatments is unrivalled. He teaches and lectures all over the world in the field of orthodontics, and in 2017 he was awarded the world's number 1 lingual Incognito Provider. 

Since 2021 he has belonged to the top 1% of Invisalign Kids & Teen Providers in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and was awarded the prestigious Diamond Apex Status.

With all these qualifications and years of experience under his belt, you know your child’s orthodontic journey is in the safest and most experienced hands with Dr Steffen.

Dr Steffen Decker

Does your child need early intervention orthodontics?

There are some common signs to look out for that may suggest your child would benefit from early orthodontics. As their first teeth develop, start checking for the following and get in touch with Freshdental in London for a full assessment.

Breathing through the mouth
Is your child’s mouth open when they’re relaxed, playing or sleeping?
Tongue thrust
Does your child’s tongue come forward when they are swallowing or speaking?
Habits like thumb or finger sucking
Large overjet
Are the top front teeth sticking out and/or the lower jaw set back?
Crossbite and overbite
Do their bottom teeth bite in front of and overlap the upper teeth? Is their chin more prominent and /or is the upper lip set back?
Two rows of teeth
Are the adult front teeth coming through behind their baby teeth or other front teeth?
Teeth not erupting
Did their baby teeth fall out a long time ago and the adult teeth haven’t started to show yet?
Open bite
When the back teeth are touching is there a large gap between the upper and lower front teeth?
Crowding and spacing

Broadening young smiles with arch expansion

Children with a narrow upper jaw can be prone to a variety of orthodontic problems, including overcrowding, crossbite, and breathing difficulties. At Freshdental, our skilled orthodontist can correct this with a treatment called Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RME), or arch expansion.

A custom-made appliance fitted to your child’s upper teeth will gradually and gently widen their upper jaw. This creates more space for their teeth, improving their overall bite and opening up their nasal passage.

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How does arch expansion work?

The Rapid Maxillary Expander is a 3D printed metal appliance that fixes to your child’s teeth on each side of the palate. This is adjusted by turning a special key in the device's centre, placing outward pressure on the palate's two halves, encouraging bone to grow between them.

Your child’s orthodontist here at Freshdental will decide how often to adjust the expander to promote faster or slower expansion, depending on your child’s individual treatment plan.

Using an RME in combination with Invisalign First can reduce and even eliminate the need for orthodontics as a teenager and minimise the need for permanent tooth extractions.


If your child has a narrow palate, their upper teeth can bite down inside the lower teeth. This can lead to asymmetrical growth.


Arch expansion can make more space for all your child's upper teeth as they grow.

Breathing issues

Jaw expansion can increase space for air and clear the airway, helping children to breathe comfortably when relaxed and sleeping.

Frequently asked questions about early orthodontics at Freshdental

Is arch expansion treatment painful for my child?

Our skilled orthodontist will gently fit the RME to your child's teeth without the need for drilling, and local anaesthesia isn't necessary. Your child might experience slight discomfort and some pressure on their teeth as they get used to the appliance and during adjustments—both are normal and indicate the treatment is working effectively. The RME is custom-made to fit your child's teeth, ensuring it is both comfortable and effective.

Is the RME removable?

No, the RME is securely attached to your child's teeth and can only be removed by their orthodontist. This ensures compliance and guarantees that the device functions as intended, leading to predictable outcomes.

How many times a day does the key need to be turned on the RME?

The appliance needs to be adjusted once or twice daily, depending on the required movements. Our orthodontist will demonstrate how to perform these adjustments and provide guidance on the necessary frequency, tailored to your child's specific treatment plan.

How long does arch expansion treatment take?

Treatment times vary for individual patients and their unique needs. Typically, arch expansion treatment can take between 8 and 12 months to complete.

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