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Over time, your teeth will naturally discolour, which can be amplified by things like heavily pigmented foods and drinks, and lifestyle factors like smoking.

For that bright, movie star smile, we offer our patients several professional whitening options; including laser teeth whitening and a comprehensive whitening package which combines the best in-chair and home whitening features of our different treatments to give you perfect results!

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Monik and team deliver a truly great experience

Monik and team deliver a truly great experience,  especially for those of us that either fear dentists or simply don't make the time to visit. His admin team are extremely efficient, polite and at times too helpful - is that possible? Monik has been a great consultant for both cosmetic work and regular hygiene routines.

Whitening smile transformations

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Zoom! teeth whitening is London’s preferred whitening treatment. It is also one of the world’s leading whitening treatments. Zoom! became popular in the United States thanks to celebrity endorsements and shows such as Extreme Makeover.

You can now get your very own A-list smile with this effective whitening system. Zoom! treatment involves using the Zoom! advanced whitening lamp to brighten and whiten the teeth by several shades. The results are noticeable in less than an hour, meaning that the treatment does not take time away from busy, working schedules.

During your one-hour session you are invited to make yourself at home. Feel free to bring your own music or a DVD to watch.

In addition to the in-chair Zoom! whitening treatment, we also offer Zoom! home whitening kits, which can be used to top-up the treatment away from the practice.

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Enlighten Deep Bleaching

Enlighten is another whitening treatment that is favoured by celebrities and has become one of the most popular treatments available on the dental market.

Enlighten was developed in the U.S. and is now celebrating its success around the globe. The treatment is so effective that it can even remove staining caused by tetracycline antibiotics.

Enlighten uses a mixture of at home and in chair treatments to leave your teeth pearly white.

How does enlighten work?

Enlighten uses a mixture of at-home and in-chair treatments.

First, an impression of your teeth is created and custom-made whitening trays are manufactured for a snug fit.

The trays are filled with whitening agent which you are advised to wear at night for 14 days.

On the 15th day, we will arrange for you to come into the surgery for a one-hour, in-chair whitening treatment session to give your teeth that final gleam.

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening at FreshDental

How much does teeth whitening cost at FreshDental?

Teeth whitening at Freshdental starts at £395, and depends on how stained your teeth are, your desired results, and which treatment you decide to go for. We do offer a practice dental plan, as well as a family and friends discount. See our Pricing page for more information. 

Can I have my teeth whitened if I have dental veneers?

Unfortunately not! Because our teeth are porous, whitening products are easily absorbed, whereas veneers are made up of porcelain or composite material that won’t respond to whitening products (yes, even the professional grade ones)! It’s a good idea to have your teeth whitened before you have your veneers fitted, because your veneers will be matched to the shade of your natural teeth.

Is teeth whitening safe?

It sure is! The products we use are of the highest quality and our practitioners are professionally trained and have treated hundreds of smiles. Some people experience tooth sensitivity, but it’s usually short-lived and there are products we can give you to help with it.

How white will my teeth get?

Depending on the product we use, you can expect whitening of up to 16 shades. Of course, results will vary based on the condition of your teeth and the treatment you decide to have, but you will definitely notice a difference and want to flash your lovely new smile all over town! 

How does teeth whitening work?

The active ingredient in whitening gel is absorbed safely into the dental enamel and uses chemical oxidation to break down stains and whiten the teeth.

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