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Our experienced dentists will help you monitor and maintain great oral health with regular dental check-ups at Freshdental.


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Maintain oral health

Fix and improve teeth

Mouth cancer screening

Dental and hygiene advice

The importance of looking after your oral health

Regular dental health check-ups are just as important as servicing your car, and here’s why.

If we get our cars serviced regularly, we might need to pay a small amount each time for something to be changed or fixed, but it helps to keep your car running smoothly. We encounter big issues when we’ve left it for so long for a proper service that something major happens, and the car needs emergency repairs that cost twice as much as it would have if it had been picked up at a regular service!

The same goes for our oral health. Regular dental check-ups allow us to monitor and maintain your dental health and make sure that the little things like minor tooth decay or damaged teeth are picked up early, before they become bigger, more expensive issues. A preventative approach to your dental care also means you’ll need less dental treatments over time.

Your dental check-up at FreshDental includes:
  • An in-depth examination of your teeth and gums

  • Assessment of the soft tissues in your mouth

  • Mouth cancer screening for early detection

  • Treatment plan if further treatment is needed

  • Oral health and dental hygiene advice

Mark Burton

Had a check-up last week and everything is still good

Monik Vasant of Freshdental did such a great whole mouth restoration for me about 6 years ago that my whole family have now been to him - had a check-up last week and everything is still good.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene plays a major part in preventing oral diseases, bleeding gums, and bad breath, as well as helping you maintain a healthy smile.

Our dental hygienists have advanced training in the treatment of gum disease and can provide a wide range of services; everything from oral health advice to removing heavy stains.

How our hygienists can help you
  • Check for any oral health issues such as gum disease

  • Treat and prevent bleeding gums and bad breath

  • Remove stains, plaque, and tartar that cause decay

  • Offer advice on teeth cleaning, flossing, and healthy eating

  • Provide support if you want to give up smoking

Explore dental hygiene

Frequently asked questions about general check-ups at FreshDental

How much does a general check-up cost at FreshDental?

A dental check-up at Freshdental costs £59, and depends on any additional scans or X-rays you might need (2 small X-rays costs £20). We do offer a practice dental plan, as well as a family and friends discount.

How do you screen for mouth cancer?

To check your mouth for signs of oral cancer, we inspect your mouth and soft tissue for anything that looks unusual, such as abnormal irritation, swelling, or lumps. It sounds scarier than it is, and our dentists will thoroughly explain everything to you, and make sure you feel comfortable during your treatment.

What happens at a dental hygienist appointment?

Your appointment with a dental hygienist involves checking your teeth and gums for signs of a build-up of plaque and signs of gum disease, as well as a thorough deep clean and scale of your teeth and gums, and a polish so you’ll leave with squeaky clean teeth.

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