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Few comments from our patients

Here are some of the comments left us by our patients recently,

Dr Nick Tomkin
“I was very pleased with the excellent care and attention by the dentist. Excellent work and well pleased, Thanks”

Dr Yusaf Ali
“Very nice man, taught me how to brush me teeth using the correct method which have shown great results for the health of my gums”
N Street

Elyse Burt
” Never in all my time that i have visited many dentists was so much care taken about a patient as Elyse has”
C.P. Gregory

Dr Clare Barker
” Looking forward to next visit”

Dr Clare Barker
“Was absolutely petrified on first app. Had not been to dentist for 12 years. Clare respected my fear of the needle and did everything to ensure it was as comfortable as possible, and it was.
I would highly reccomend Fresh Dental to anyone. Friendly receptionists too”

Dr Clare Barker
” Sensitive to my fears and apprehension of dentists”

September 14, 2011 · 11:31 am