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Dental Implants

We understand that having missing teeth or dentures can make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. With dental implants, all of that can change. This latest treatment is an ideal way to replace broken/missing teeth and fill any gaps to achieve a confident and comfortable smile.

Dental implants use a small titanium post to support one or more artificial teeth. Just like a natural tooth root, the post is inserted into your gum for a safe and secure fit. We only use the highest quality dental implants made by leading implant companies with a long history of success and years of clinical research to ensure safety.

In addition, all our implant treatments are carried out by surgeons who lecture and teach other dentists on how to place dental implants. This level of expertise combined with the highest quality in implants means, if looked after properly, your implants can last a lifetime.

Having missing teeth or dentures can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, so discover dental implants the treatment that can give you a smile again.

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Usually the procedure to fit a dental implant takes between one and two hours. You will be required to attend followup appointments and your dentist will discuss this with you after the procedure. Some patients find it beneficial to take a couple of days off work after having an implant fitted.
If you have missing teeth you may have considered crowns, a dental bridge or dentures, however dental implants are often regarded as a better alternative. This is because they last longer, don’t attach to adjacent teeth and don’t cause any discomfort.
Once fixed implant restorations are in place, you won’t know they’re there. And, if properly looked after, they can last a lifetime. Dental implants act and feel like real teeth so you can eat and drink without ever worrying about dentures wobbling around.
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    -Miss C Longworth

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    -Ms N Seymour

  • You feel that everyone gives you 100% service from making an appointment to treatment.

    -Mrs J Hesketh

  • They make me feel welcome and the treatment is 1st class. I am very well looked after.

    -Mrs D Bickerton

Dental Implants, Veneers
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Angela had a longstanding fear of visiting the dentist, but after a friend’s recommendation she asked us to rebuild her smile. Angela initially had whitening and gum re-contouring, she then chose to have dental implants and porcelain veneers to achieve a life-changing result.
Dental Implant, Whitening, Composite Bonding
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Lynn had dental implant treatment overseas which failed badly. Lynn was also unhappy with the size, colour and shape of her other teeth. We first removed the old failed implant and carried out a bone graft to repair the damage. A new implant was then placed and the teeth whitened. Finally, we carried out direct composite bonding to smooth out the top teeth.

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