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No Added Sugar

Many parents are feeding their children snacks and drinks assuming they are making the best choice just by reading the word “NO ADDED SUGAR” printed on the labels.

They instantly think this is a positive and beneficial option where in some cases it is but this does not mean there is no sugar at all.

The parents get confused with “no sugar” or “sugar free” which is totally not the case as products with these printed on the label don’t have any sugar in at all but may replace it with sweeteners which is not harmful to your health or your teeth.

Drinks and foods that state this mean they just haven’t added extra sugar to their sugar containing products.

Simple as that.

Children should be given milk or water to ensure they teeth remain safe from acid attacks throughout the day.

Not only is it good for their teeth but choosing the milk and water option will benefit your child with good strong bones and a healthier lifestyle so you cant go wrong.

no added sugar

October 3, 2011 · 2:22 pm