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The important role of the receptionist

People and dentists often look past on the important role a receptionist plays in a dental practice.

The receptionist is the first person our patients meet first when they enter our practice.

The receptionist need to have a friendly and positive attitude which reflects on the mood of the practice from a patients point of view when entering and communicating with our staff.

That is the why we train our staff and receptionists on how to meet customer service goals daily and how we can improve the patients visit to our practice each step of the way from answering the phone to arrange appointments to saying goodbye to a patient when they are leaving the practice with a smile.

We hope you enjoy your next visit to us and can notice if you are treated with smiling staff all the way and please dont be shy to leave any comments or tips for us to improve our service further.

September 14, 2011 · 11:45 am