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Review of Fresh Dental by a patient

One of our patients wrote a review about our practice for the Dental Awards and we thought we will share it with you.

“Dr Monik Vasant is a perfectionist and he couldnt put his name to anything that was less then perfect. To the point of sending back a veneer that in his opinion didnt fit correctly even though it looked ok to me. The fact that he is so young in his field of work means he is up-to-date with latest techniques.

Ive always gone to the dentist but my teeth were awful. Dr Vasant has given me has given me a fantastic smile now which even strangers comment on now even to the point of asking me which toothpaste i use. My teeth are so white without looking false, on the advice of Dr Vasant.

Annette the practice manager is a lovely caring approachable person and Natalie the dental nurse has worked really hard along side Dr Vasant in assuring everything went perfectly well. The receptionists have been angels fitting my appointments around work.”


Elaine Obrien

September 29, 2010 · 7:36 pm