This gentleman main problem were the gaps between the teeth. Unfortunately the gaps were too wide to close with braces alone and they were not evenly placed to allow us to just fill the spaces with composite bonding alone as it would have made the teeth look too wide. Therefore we carried out Cfast 6 month clear braces to slightly close and redistibute the spaces. This was then followed up with some whitening and direct composite bonding to his front four teeth to close the spaces and give the teeth an ideal size.

Composite Bonding Whitening

Gap Teeth

Angela had a long­standing fear of dentistry and following a recommendation by a friend, she came to us to rebuild her smile. Following initial treatments of tooth whitening and gum recontouring, Angela chose to have dental implants and porcelain veneers to a achieve a life changing result.

Dental Implants Veneers Invisalign Crown


Grant was due to be getting married and wanted to do something about the gaps in his teeth. When he came to us, his teeth were initially whitened and then direct composite bonding was performed on his six of his upper front teeth.

Whitening Composite Bonding


Charles came to us to improve the appearance of his teeth before he went off to university. His main complaint with his teeth were the gaps between the teeth and the yellow discolouration of the canine teeth. We carried out Enlighten whitening treatment to even out the colour and then performed direct composite bonding to his front six teeth to close the spaces and improve the shapes of the teeth.


This patient felt her teeth pushed out too far and she did not like her old
veneer on her front tooth The teeth were straightened first using Cfast fixed
white braces followed by gum recontouring and whitening. Finally a new
veneer was placed on one front tooth and composite bonding placed on the

Braces Composite Bonding

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